Our vision

We believe that drawing enhances life

The act of drawing is a fundamental and invaluable skill which inspires a growth mindset. It helps us analyse and make sense of the world. It encourages us to absorb and appreciate things around us, helping us to solve problems and notice details. It elevates the everyday. Drawing can be reportage, or fantasy superheroes. It can be a room layout, a dress design or an architectural plan. 

In addition, drawing underpins every other fine art skill. It is the framework around which painting skills are built, and the skeleton that supports every great masterpiece. And by its nature, drawing requires concentration and focus, allowing us to be immersed in the moment and unconsciously assisting our wellbeing. 

Our courses offer a supportive, safe environment that values the process of drawing, as well as building on basic and advanced drawing skills. Our mission is to encourage a growth mindset: we strongly believe there is no progress without making and learning from mistakes.

Learning happens when we are able to take risks.